What is RVL ?

Welcome to Revolotto - Four Dimensional Revolutionary Lottery Coin

RVL is an abbreviation of Revolotto. Collectively it is a four-dimensional Coin. On every trade 80% to the investor, 6% divided between all holders, 5% will be burnet, and 9% will automatically be added into Liquidity Pool and the coin will be locked into the locker which will be equal to the value of the coins, and its duration is three months. If any investor is holding it for three months not only, he will own multiple profits but also after the completion of the locker´s duration, he will be eligible for coins automatically as a bonus.

Apparently, every trade has a 20% fee but in reality, which is approximately about 5% because 5% Burn and 9% Locked coins are actually owned by the investor. But 5% burn, 9% adding into Liquidity pool and locking of Coin into Liquidity pool for three months is a hindrance to the investor to sell for a limited period of time. So as long as the price is up to the purchase price, many more investors will have come, which means that where the first investor will make a profit, many investors will have come, and the price will go up. No one will be able to pull down the price. And secondly, when there is 5% coins burn on each trade and 9% in the locker, the price will go up sharply, so who holds it longer, will be entitled to more profit.

In lieu of the fee which is about 5%, every investor will get the reward, due to which investors coins will continuously increase, so, on one hand, their coin will increase and on the other price will climb up, by which the investor will get many times the profit. These features make the Revolotto unique and indifferent from other crypto currencies.

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