Presale Rules & FAQ

Revolotto's Pre-sale has been launched. Now anyone can easily buy Revolotto before it launches on the Pancake Swap Exchange.

💎 Presale Address: 0xfC7fea2F033F80F980033e3Cf3668cB88A962E4C

There are some pre-sale rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind.

Keep all of these principles in mind before participating in presale.


What is the Contribution Limit ?

With one wallet you can buy Revolotto coins for a minimum of 0.1 BNB and a maximum of 10 BNB.
After participating in Revolotto’s Pre-sale, your purchased RevoLotto coins will not be immediately received in your wallet, you will have to wait until the Pre-sale closes.

When Presale Closes?

Pre-sale closes in two cases, either Pre-sale reaches its hard cap or time closes, once presale ended then Pre-sale participants can easily withdraw coins in their wallet.
If Pre-sale time expires and the Soft Cap does not achieve, customers who participate in Pre-sale will be refunded with BNB.

When Listing on PancakeSwap?

As soon as the Pre-sale closes, Revolotto will be immediately listed on the PancakeSwap Exchange, and then Revolotto’s Coin can be easily bought and sold through the Pancake Swap Exchange.