How RVL Protocol Works?


Let us illustrate it for you what you have been told earlier. For example, you have invested 100$, 20% will be charged in terms of fee and you have got 80$ worth of coins which will bound you to hold for some specific period of time. Out of 6% from 20 % (which was charged in terms of fee) was sent to all holders, 5% was burnt and value was added into Liquidity and remaining 9% were locked for three months and value was added into Liquidity. Now you have also got some percentage out of the 6% which was received by all holders.

Now, in reality, the actual fee was approximately 5% and due to the transfer of remaining coins into Burn and Locker which makes you the owner of that asset if you hold until the rise of the price and it would be safely kept into the Liquidity, as of your deposit.

Charging 14% as a fee is not a fee but it is only to keep you bound as a Holder. Now if you keep holding then not only you will get back 14% (which was charged in terms of fee) safely in return but also on every trade you will get reward in lieu of 5% which you have paid in terms of fee and your balance will grow. So longer you hold, the more you will earn the profit.

Be clear that do not invest in RevoLotto if you have a dream to be rich in overnight, but if you really want to be rich then after investment you have to be patient and those who will be patient will get more than they expecting but those who will be impatient will lose their profit.

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