How to Participate (PC)

How to participate in the Revolotto Global Presale

Here you'll find a step by step guide for participating in the Revolotto Presale
There are two ways to participate in Pre-sale, take part in Revolotto’s Pre-sale using whichever method is right for you.
You'll need BNB, and meta-mask to buy RevoLotto.

Method 1

To participate in Revolotto’s Pre-sale, you must first have the Meta Mask wallet installed on your mobile or computer and have BNB in it.

1. First, you need to go to the Digital Ocean website and connect your Meta mask wallet to the Digital Ocean website.

2. Then enter the amount of BNB coins by which you want to buy Revolotto coins and press the buy button.

3. Press the confirm button on the Metamask.

This is how you can participate in Revolotto’s Pre-sale.

Method 2

This method is simpler than the one described earlier.

1. Open the Metamask, and Tap on Send button

2. Now send the amount of BNB by which you want to buy the Revolotto Coins to the presale address.

Presale Address: 0xfC7fea2F033F80F980033e3Cf3668cB88A962E4C
Remember, if you send a BNB to another wrong address instead of sending a BNB to Revolotto’s Pre-sale address to participate in Revolotto’s presale, your BNB will be lost and Revolotto’s team will not be responsible
We recommend that you use the Digital Ocean website to participate in Pre-sale so that no errors occur.