RVL Coin Circulation Cycles

Revolotto Revolutionary Coins Circulation Cycles.

Reduction of coins and continuous increase of price

when coins will be circulated in the forms of trade equal to total supply, then 5% of the total supply will burn, which will reduce the total supply by 5%, same will happen with the start of the second cycle which will not only reduces 5% more supply but also the cycle completion time, so in every cycle, not only 5% supply will be reduced but also price will continuously climb up.

On completion of every coin circulation cycle, 5% supply will burn, by which 5 % of the total supply will be eliminated which will not only be resulted in a stable price but also will climb upwards, meaning thereby that the price which was before the price of total supply is now the minimum price of 5% reduced supply.

For example, if the total supply is 100 coins and its value is 100$, meaning thereby each coin is worth 1$ then after the completion of one coin circulation cycle not only 5% of the supply will be reduced but also only 95 coins out of 100 will left and now the price of 100 coins will be equal to 95 coins, it means that the coin which was worth 1$ is now worth 1.05 $ after the completion of circulation of the cycle. Now total supply reduced to 95 coins, so after completion of the second circulation cycle, the present total supply which was 95 coins will be 5% further reduces.it means now we have 90.25 coins in total supply and its worth is equal to a minimum of 100$.

It means each coin is worth a minimum of 1.10 $.

As the Coin Circulation Cycle is completed, the supply on each cycle will decrease and the price will increase.

Even if the total supply is reduced from 100 coins to 1 coin then a coin will be worth a minimum of 100$, which means that if someone has bought a coin at that time when it was worth 1$ and he holds it until the supply came to 1 coin then his one coin will be worth of a minimum of 100$.

The Hold is Gold

When coins will circulate and the quantity of coins circulation will be equal to total supply then, one coin circulation cycle will be completed and, for its completion, 5% of the total supply will be burn and 5% will also be reduced. for example, if the total supply is 100 coins, then it is not necessary that 100 out of 100 coins will circulate, but if one coin is circulating 100 times then the quantity of coin circulation will be equal to the total supply which means that one circulation cycle is completed.

It is not necessary to circulate the total supply for the completion of the coins Circulation Cycle, but the more the supply will circulate, the more the Coins Circulation Cycle will be completed and the Total Supply will be reduced to a minimum.

Coin Circulation Cycle Chart

Start your journey with Revolotto (RVL)

Our Hard Target is to achieve 100 cycles. When we will achieve 100 cycles then the minimum price of One Revolotto coin will be $100,000 Dollars. That's why it's a Revolotto (Revolutionary Lottery Coin).

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