Identity of Meme-Coin

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RevoLotto is not a Meme-Coin.

What is the identity of Meme-Coin?

The easiest identification of a Meme-Coin is its supply. The supply of Meme-Coin is always huge in numbers which means that if any coin has a larger quantity than 500 Million then it is a Meme-coin. The second identification of Meme-coin is, at the moment of its launch its price shoots up suddenly, and afterward, it never climbs up again nor it can be, because those who are capital grabbers already grabbed the capital at the moment of its launch, that's why at the moment of launch its price shoots up and these capital grabbers grabbed the investors capital and then they have no further interest in it.

So, these are the very easy identifications of Meme-coins on the basis of which you can easily point out the Meme-coins and can keep distance from them as well as can invest your capital into a safe coin.

Two factors must be considered before investing in any coin, the first factor is its supply, less the supply more will be the hope of its ascend, if a coin has more supply then usual, It is important to keep in mind that whether its contract has an auto burn on every trade or not. Not only presence of this function is utmost necessary but also it should be fully functional because in the presence of this function, will reduce its total supply on every trade and no one can stop its price to climb up.

Special steps have been taken in RevoLotto about auto burn but also the quantity of auto burn is being increased which is going to make it make sure that its total supply would be reduced as soon as possible so, the price can ascend.

The initial total supply of RevoLotto is 210 Million which is not only very minimalistic but also on each trade 5% of its supply will burn until its total supply will be reduced to few hundred thousand or even a few thousands. It means that a time will come when one RevoLotto will be worth more than 100,000$. These remarkable features of RevoLotto make it unique from all other digital currencies.

He, who will hold RevoLotto longer as much as he can be 100% entitled of gold.

Hold is Gold.

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