RVL is not a Meme-Coin

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Revolotto is not a Meme Coin

Is RevoLotto a Meme-Coin?

RevoLotto is not a Meme-Coin, and why it is not a meme coin you have to know it first.

What is a Meme coin?

Meme coin was actually started due to the popularity of Dogecoin. The actual meaning of Meme- (derived from the word mimicry) Coin is a “Joke, Pun,” which has no value of its own; it’s a one-time joke, so people who took this joke seriously and invested in it lose their investment.
Two types of people invested in Meme-Coins, those who took advantage and others who lost their investments. Those who took advantage from Meme-Coin knows that the Meme-Coin is a joke and has no future, due to lack of knowledge, other people compared it with Bit coin, Ethereum, and other Digital Currencies, that in start, these coins were also very cheap and after some years, their price was sky high so if they invested in it few years prior they would be Millionaire today.
So they felt that they have lost an opportunity in past but if they invest in today's newly launched coins then they can be Millionaire after some time, so, these kinds of people by having no awareness invest in Meme-Coins and set back while waiting for the prices to go sky high as happened with the Bitcoin in the past, will also going to happen with them but they are totally unaware of the fact that Meme-Coin has no seriousness in it and is just a joke on the name of Digital Currency and they invested in it while considering it a serious deal.
On other hand, those who have this knowledge take the complete advantage of other people who lack awareness and they advertise the Meme Coin more and more so that more and more people can take this joke seriously and throw their investment into it and then the aware class becomes the owner of their investment.
The same class introduces the Meme Coin and at the moment of launch they by themselves bought the big quantity of these Meme-Coins and set back, At the moment people starting investing in it than those people who bought it very cheap or the owner of the meme coin who knows it is worthless starting selling their free supply and became the owner of the people's assets, so after some days these Meme-Coins proved to be a real joke and those who invested in it were remorse or try to Giving them false consolations, it seems that its prices will go up one day or another, which is nothing more than deliberate deception.